Take it from a Cupcake

May 22, 2009, 5:13 am
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Oh boy- Where do I start? Josh linked me up with these guys a few days ago.. They are teh awesome.gc_pacman_cupcakesAnd the extended version:pac_man_cupcake_weddingOh I’m not done yet-cupcakesmario_cupcakes_sweet_lgmii-cupcakes

Another favorite, Guitar Hero notes.. 1236And for all you lovers of iPhones:iPhone_cupakes_main


Yes, I Would Eat the President if He was Made of Cupcakes
May 21, 2009, 2:58 am
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So apparently George W. didn’t make the cake when it came to AWESOME CUPCAKE MOSAICS. I came across this recently and found that somebody either really loved looking at Obama or that she had more time on her hands than me. obama-cupcake-mosaicI hope she got paid. 

Here’s another just in case Obama wasn’t enough… Nothing like some hairy Abe Lincoln to get your mouth watering.Kasey D zilly cakes

I mean, Holy F. I’m pretty sure my eyes would have gone cross-eyed after a while.. I hate decorating a box of 24, let alone a gazillion strategically placed sugary delights. 

Now, here is a freshly shaved alpaca for your viewing pleasure.2528684727_15babaf44e_o