Take it from a Cupcake

Why, I’m glad you assed!
June 28, 2010, 1:59 pm
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This was a first. A butt cake- This was the picture she sent us:

lumpy, abnormal butt cake. yum.

You know me, I don’t like to make anything exactly like a picture I’ve seen on the internet. I think we can also agree that if you are going to make a cake into a butt, it would look more appetizing if it didn’t look like two tan potatoes in a pair of blue jeans.

Mom carved the cake out of a couple of 9×13 sheet cakes and iced the buns with colored buttercream icing. I would probably use fondant next time because the color and smoothness is consistent. (Most of the time people prefer NOT to use fondant because most people in this area do not care for the texture.) So here’s our butt:

smooth, cellulite-free butt.

What really set the cake off (and it’s kinda hard to tell unless you get a good detailed photo), what the cool little stitching on the blue jeans…

Nope, I didn’t poke all those holes. 🙂 We used a tool kinda like a spline roller, but the wheel had little jagged edges.

Soon after, Mom had to add the next “It’s a full moon rising, Happy Birthday!”


June 20, 2010, 1:40 pm
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It’s summertime and time for a new display.. I wanted to test an idea for using a tree stump as part of a wedding cake. I used styrofoam cake layers (12” round, 2-8” round-tree stump, and a 6” top tier). Here is sort of a photo breakdown.

I almost wished I would have stopped there, added a bride and groom, and stuck a cluster of Gerbera daisies and the base of the stump

and now for the fun part...

I got my Satin Ice stool ready to go.. is that bad? I just call it clever thinking..

After a few minutes of piping on the pattern, it was complete (with mine and Mom's initials :P)

The beauty of this cake is that the top and bottom tier can be decorated in any pattern or any colors.. It can be a wedding or any sort of celebration cake.. I hope you all enjoy it!